Crystal Tears


From Purcell to progressive music

Claire Gignac et compagnie will present Crystal Tears under the musical direction of composer and guitarist, Marc Vallée. This exceptional program was conceived by singer and actress Frédérike Bédard and unites two musical epochs: British composers of 1970s Progressive Rock and English composers of the 17th Century.

While they may seem to be diametrically opposed at first glance, these traditions both emerged from English culture and share notable melodic and harmonic similarities. Indeed, the quality and complexity of Progressive Rock seamlessly echoes works from the Elizabethan era: Frank Zappa versus John Dowland; Genesis and Gentle Giant versus Thomas Morley, Gibbons, and Purcell. Wonderful and progesssive original works by Marc Vallée and Frédérike Bédard that set texts from the 17th Century. A stunning and out-of-the-ordinary aesthetic meeting!

With :

Frédérike Bédard, concept, keyboard, solo voice
Marc Vallée, musical direction, guitars, lap steel, bass clarinet, voice
Vincent Réhel, keyboards
Mario Légaré, bass, stick, contrabass, voice
Christian Paré, drums, percussion, voice