Luz Iberica

luz iberica

Light and rythms of Spain

A concert for 6 musicians under the direction of invited artist Aleix Tobias, percussionist and composer from Spain, featuring original music and traditional songs from the various regions of Spain.

Inspired by traditional rhythms from throughout the Iberian peninsula, but with a resolutely modern approach, Aleix Tobias revives the roots of Spanish music, transmitting all the warmth and light of Spain through its energetic and joyous rhythms.

Artistic Direction: Claire Gignac – Musical Direction: Aleix Tobias and Patrick Graham

  • Aleix Tobias, multi-percussion, pandereta, pandero cuadrado, berimbau;
  • Patrick Graham; percussion; 
  • Claire Gignac, voice, flutes;
  • Andrew Wells-Oberegger, oud, santour, percussion; 
  • Guillaume Bourque, clarinet, bass-clarinet;
  • Rémi-Jean Leblanc, electric bass, double bass.

Luz Ibérica – Music

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